Our Berries

Sunset Valley Organics Blueberries are Different

Unique, organic methods result in nutritious, superfood blueberries.

Fresh, then Frozen

We sell fresh blueberries (in season), frozen blueberries and blueberry products. All of our berries are picked ripe, at the peak of their flavor and freshness for maximum taste and nutrition. All of our products are made from nutrient dense, certified organic blueberries, grown right here on our farm. Unlike other producers, we don't buy blueberries from other farms or other countries, so we control the quality and nutrition value. Sunset Valley Blueberries are the ultimate superfood!

Antioxidant, Nutrient Dense Blueberries

The Sunset Valley Organics' difference is in the soil and how the berries are raised. To develop natural antioxidant and mineral rich, superfruits, we start with the soil. Over the past 60 years, modern agriculture has mined and eroded most of our precious minerals out of our top soil. Simultaneously, the nutritional quality of our food has declined drastically. Do you remember how in the "good old days" an apple or tomato would taste delicious compared to today's grocery store apples that are hard and tomatoes that are bright red with no flavor or taste. We take care of the soil, creating an organic biological community that makes minerals soluble, and able to be taken up by the blueberry plants. This results in not only greater  nutrient density, but also rich berry flavor, and longer shelf life for the blueberries. After you eat good, mineral dense produce you will be very disappointed to go back to conventional food again. Simply put, it is the minerals that make fruit and vegetables taste good and nutritious, and provide the health benefits.

Biological organics yield more berries with higher quality fruit.

Family Farm, Quality Blueberries

Unlike many blueberries, Sunset Valley Organics blueberries are grown, harvested, processed or frozen and packaged, and marketed by one family, on one farm. Unlike many corporate farms and processors who buy their berries from multiple growers or foreign countries, we can maintain a higher consistency of quality as a family farm. Our name, pride and reputation goes in and on every package of berries that we pack. Our family is very proud of the quality of our berries.