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Please stop by one of these retailers who carry our products, and thank them for giving you nutrient dense, organic blueberries that are grown locally.  If you would like to suggest a store, please use the Contact Us form, and let us know!

Corvallis, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Ashland, Oregon

Olympia, Washingtion

            Olympia Food Co-Op (Bulk)

            West Olympia Food Co-Op(Bulk)


Seattle, Washington

East Sound, Washington



Throughout the West Coast


The following Vendors use Sunset Valley Organics Berries:

We grow our organic blueberries differently to make them a Healthy Living choice. Take a look at our videos or read our story about how we grow things differently here.

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"I bought some of your frozen blueberries and they are delicious, the best I have ever had. (Love them on my cereal in the morning.) " - Sandra

"3rd order! great berries thanks!",
- John Z. - CT

"We have tried organic dried blueberries from other sources, but none comes close to yours in flavor, texture, and sweetness." ,
- Colin B. MD

"Thank You - Delicious" ,
Mark & Vickie CA