Premium Organic Dried Blueberries

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Premium Organic Dried Blueberries

Organic, Nutrient Dense, Dried Blueberries / Dehydrated Blueberries

Packed with Flavor and Nutrition. Great for Snacks or Baking.  Dried blueberries No sugar added!

Sunset Valley Organics' dried organic blueberries are picked fresh and very ripe.  The plump, sweet blueberries go straight from our bushes to our dehydrator. They are dehydrated one batch at a time with no additives. NO SUGAR, NO OILS, NO SULFUR.

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It takes approximately 7 lbs of fresh blueberries to make 1 lb of Sunset Valley Organics dried berries.

Our dehydrated organic blueberries have all the flavor and nutrition, packed into a portable, shelf stable package.  Great for trail mixes, oatmeal-blueberry cookies, granola bars, baking (rehydrated or dried), or just plain snacking.  Bob takes them hunting and fishing for a healthy snack.

$7.50 / 4 oz.
$14.50 / 8 oz.
$25.00 / 16oz. / 1lb.
$90.00 / 4lb. bulk zip lock bag

$210.00 / 10lb. bulk box

Premium Dried Blueberries: More Nutrition, More Flavor

Independent testing shows our blueberries have more than double the Vitamin A and Vitamin E, and more essential minerals than other conventional, wild or organic blueberries. This results not only in better nutrition, but incredible flavor, and our blueberries last longer after picking. Come taste the difference.

We grow our organic blueberries differently to make them a Healthy Living choice. Take a look at our videos or read our story about how we grow things differently here.

Keep in the refrigerator or freezer for longer storage and better flavor...remember, we use no preservatives!

Gerry K.
The best ! I use 4lbs per month in smoothies and there is no substitute. Trying Strawberries and Blackberries next !
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Ingredients: Certified Organic Blueberries. Thats all!

Dried Organic Blueberries Nutrition Facts

Independent testing is done on random samples of our blueberries.  These results confirm that our unique farming and soil cultivation methods contribute to superior nutrition of our blueberries.  Go Here to see a comparison of Sunset Valley Organics fresh berries vs conventional blueberries.

We grow our organic blueberries differently to make them a Healthy Living choice. Take a look at our videos or read our story about how we grow things differently here.

Health Benefits of Dense Nutrition, Naturally

It takes seven pounds of fresh blueberries to make one pound of dehydrated organic blueberries. There's not a healthier, and more enjoyable way to get a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Tested values Dehydrated Dried Organic Blueberries

dried blueberries top

Protein 3.8%
Vitamin A 330IU/100g
Vitamin C ND
Vitamin E 5.2 IU/100g
Calcium 51.3 IU/100g
Phosphorus 28.6 mg/100g
Potassium 444 mg/100g
Magnesium 28.6 mg/100g
Selenium ND
Zinc .378 mg/100g
Copper .230 mg/100g

ND = None Detected
Method Reporting Limit: Vitamin C < 0.5 mg/100g Selenium<0.490 mg/kg



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"I bought some of your frozen blueberries and they are delicious, the best I have ever had. (Love them on my cereal in the morning.) " - Sandra

"3rd order! great berries thanks!",
- John Z. - CT

"We have tried organic dried blueberries from other sources, but none comes close to yours in flavor, texture, and sweetness." ,
- Colin B. MD

"Thank You - Delicious" ,
Mark & Vickie CA