Sunset Valley Organics | Blueberry Care

How we take care of our organic blueberry plants throughout the year, to produce outstanding blueberries.

When our help comes back from vacation we start pruning our blueberries. It takes about six to eight weeks to complete the 75 acres.
February & March
We start our organic fertilizer program. This application of minerals, inoculums and plant foods will continue weekly through spring and summer.
Weather permitting, we start mowing and hoeing the berries.
The berries are in bloom and we are still fertilizing, mowing and hoeing. If we have not had enough rain we start irrigation on our berries.
Watering is still taking place. Mowing for the last time as the berries are turning blue. Some of our early blueberries are almost ready for picking by the end of the month.
Picking by hand starts, we have a small patch we u-pick and by the end of the month we are machine picking and packing the berries in our plant.
Machine picking is still taking place until the middle of the month. Watering is also a continuous must during harvest. After harvest mowing starts again.
We are putting on our homemade compost, followed by sawdust. This helps keep moisture in the ground. Enough organic fertilizer is put on to give the plants what they need to get through the winter.
October & November
The berries are being mowed and watered as needed, a continuous project. The leaves are turning autumn colors.
The berries are ready for winter.
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